Get connected and get Microsoft Office software

The Technology Office provides Office365 for every student and faculty member on campus. The Office365 account remains active as long as the student remains enrolled in the school. The account supplies a number of useful features in service of a student’s education:

  • Anytime access to their email address
  • Installation of Microsoft Office on up to five computers and devices
  • Anytime access to OneDrive for Business to work on school documents and projects

How do students sign-in?

Students can sign in from any internet browser and from almost any device at Their username is their email address and their password matches what they use to log into a school computer or to sign into WiFi.

Students struggling to log into Office365 should visit the Technology Office in room 208a for assistance. At this time, the Technology office cannot reset passwords remotely.

What can students download to their BYOD device?

Students can get the Microsoft Office software on their personal devices or computers at home. The way to download the software varies based upon the device:

  • Students with a Windows or a macOS laptop are able to sign into Office365 via their computer browser, then download the software from the site.
  • Students with iOS devices such as an iPhone or iPad can download the software from the Apple App Store, then log into the app with their Office365 login
  • Students with Android devices can download the software from the Google Play store, then sign into the app with their Office365 login

How is Office365 used on campus?

The Office365 software helps St. Pius X provide students with a standard set of technology. All students can use either the web browser verison of Office software or the downloaded version. Knowing how to use Office365 on campus provides students with the tools they need to:

  • Stay in touch with school notices via their email address
  • Organize their classroom notes with the OneNote application
  • Work on projects and assignments from any device whether in the computer lab, on their personal device, or at home
  • Turn in writing assignments in accepted Microsoft Word and PowerPoint formats
  • Turn in large video assignments that cannot be delivered in other methods