Help With This Website

Find your way around

Our website has two main sections, public pages for the world to see and community pages that require a login.

Who Can Log In to the System:

  • Students
  • Parents
  • Faculty & Staff
  • Alumni & Alumni Parents
  • Board & Committee Members

All current students, parents, and faculty can access the login screen by clicking on the SPX Community link at the top of each page. Our alumni can access their pages by selecting the SPX alumni link next to it.

Follow Our “Steps to Get Comfortable” Guide

This brief introduction gets you started at the all new

1) Log Into the Website

SPX Community members will have received their login information via email. Once you log in to the website a personalized portal page will open.

Please use the following steps to login:

  1. Locate the St. Pius X email with your username and password
  2. Go to the SPX Community Login page
  3. Enter the username and password from the email
  4. Click login and your personal portal page opens for you

If you cannot locate the St. Pius X email:

  1. Please try the “Forgot your username/password?” link
  2. The page requests an email address – use the email address where you receive St. Pius X messages
  3. Click Retrieve & the system will send you an email
  4. Check the email address entered in the above step for your login info

If you cannot remember the email address provided to St. Pius X High School, please email Simon Keating at We will assist you as soon as possible.

2) Tour the Portal Pages

Our SPX community members will arrive at a personal portal when they log into the website.  These portals recognize who you are based upon your login information.

The portal pages are your single stop for the following items:

  • Important links to see grades, the bookstore, the lunch menu, and more
  • Personal Calendar that combines school calendars and student class calendars
  • Links to all of a student's online classrooms (Parents can see student classes)
  • Tabs along the top that show:
    • Calendar for Schools Holidays & Schedules
    • Bell Schedule
    • Important school documents

3) Review Your Profile Information

Our SPX community members can review and update their profile information through our online portal. An accurate profile helps us get the right information to you the way you want.

Please take a moment to check your profile and let us know if something needs to change.

Access your profile information through:

  • 1)Log into the site
  • 2)Go to your SPX portal
  • 3)Click on the profile link one the left side of the screen
  • 4)A window pops up with your profile information
  • 5)Update the fields with errors
  • 6)Click “Update Profile” at the bottom of the screen

You can find the following:

  • Home Address
  • Phone Contact Information
  • Email contact information
  • Members Household:
    • Spouse
    • Partner
    • Children

Feel free to update your address or contact information. We will be monitoring changes on a weekly basis. Any errors or updates in the Household members can be directed to Simon Keating at

4) Get Familiar With Your Personal Calendar

Visit the classroom calendar that is a major new feature for parents and students. The calendar brings together the important events of all student classes on one calendar. Parents and students can view the dates for tests, quizzes, projects and papers.

The calendar offers:

  • Simple to use set of filters – filter by class or event type
  • Views of the calendar by day, week, month or a running agenda
  • Links to any instructions or descriptions provide the teacher
  • Alerts by email or text message alerts as well

We hope this new calendar gives our students the best way to stay on top of their schoolwork.

5) Take A Look At an Online Classroom

Visit an online classroom through our new website. The online classroom gives our community an easy to use place to share class info with students and parents. The classes are available and easy to use on computers, tablets or phones

The classroom allows our faculty to share:

  • Calendar of tests, quizzes and assignments
  • Class notes and documents
  • Plan for the week
  • Videos and multimedia material

The online classes also give you chance to message SPX faculty members as a student or a parent.

We hope to grow the online classrooms in creative and engaging ways.

6) Continuing to Log in to NetSPX for Grades

This year parents and students will continue to access their grades through NetSPX. The NetSPX link is available on the front page of the parents and student portals. NetSPX remains the sole source of:

  • Current grades