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The Del Sarto Chapter of the National Honor Society is an integral part of the St. Pius X community.  First chartered in 1957, the Society has always been proud of the honest character, outstanding academic qualifications, strong positive leadership, and inspiring sense of service found in its members. 

Students desiring to become members of the Del Sarto Chapter must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.6 (truncated), exemplary disciplinary and attendance records, and a documented history of involvement and leadership in school and/or community activities.  A student who has served a school suspension, has excessive discipline infractions, detentions or other violations against the rules and regulations of St. Pius X as specified in the student handbook, or who has accrued an excessive number of absences or tardies may be deemed ineligible for consideration for membership in the Del Sarto Chapter of the National Honor Society.

In the third quarter each year, students who have achieved a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.6 (truncated), who are of sophomore or junior standing, and who have been students at St. Pius X High School for at least one full year, are considered academically eligible for membership in the Chapter.  Senior students who have achieved the minimum cumulative GPA, and who have service and active involvement commensurate with current members of the Chapter may petition the NHS Faculty Council to be added to the list of eligible candidates for membership.  Eligible students are then invited to submit a completed resume packet, which includes information about and by the student, by the published deadline.  These students’ resume packets are then reviewed by the members of the NHS Faculty Council, who examine the completed packet and recommendations by faculty, staff, and persons both inside and outside the St. Pius X community.  The Council then votes to select or not to select each candidate.  Both those selected to be invited to join the membership of the Chapter, and those who are not selected are notified in person and by letter.  Students who are selected are “tapped” for membership by a current member in a manner determined by the Society and consistent with the traditions of the chapter.  Those who accept membership and the privileges and obligations outlined by the Chapter, are then inducted at the traditional candlelight ceremony/reception to which family and friends may be invited.

 The Process

  1. An invitation to begin the selection process is extended to the eligible student at the beginning of the fourth quarter.
  2. The student is given, completes and returns the Student Resume Packet by the published deadline.  A personal interview with an NHS Faculty Council member must also be scheduled and completed by the published deadline.
  3. The NHS Faculty Council reviews all forms, teacher recommendations, and selects the candidates to be invited to membership
  4. The student is informed of his/her selection or non-selection in person and by letter.  Selected candidates are invited to the induction ceremony.

Note:  All decisions by the NHS Faculty Council concerning the activities of the Chapter, including cases of non-selection of a candidate for membership are open to review by the Office of the Head of School or an administrator designated by the Head of School.  In cases of non-selection or dismissal, a candidate may appeal the decision of the Council by submitting, in writing, a request that the head of school review the portfolio of the candidate and the findings of the Council.  This must be done within five (5) days of the initial notification of non-selection.  The head of school then reviews the situation and informs the advisor(s) who, in turn, informs the parents and the candidate of the decision.

The NHS Faculty Council is responsible for evaluating student eligibility, assigning probationary status, and, in very serious cases, for dismissing a member who fails to maintain NHS standards.  A member who declines induction, resigns or is dismissed is never again eligible for membership or its benefits.  At St. Pius, the advisor may refer a member to the NHS Faculty Council for review of status for the following:

  1. Failure to maintain the required cumulative GPA of 3.6 (truncated), as calculated at the end of each semester;
  2. Earning a grade of D or F in any course for any semester;
  3. Earning a suspension (ISS or OSS) for any reason;
  4. Excessive detentions, Honor Code violations or unexcused absenteeism (for any reason);
  5. Conduct unbecoming a member of the Del Sarto Chapter of the NHS.

A senior member in good standing graduates with the honor cord symbolic of membership and is granted lifetime membership status if the Faculty Committee in conjunction with the Head of School or administrator designated by the Head of School validates that:

  1. His/her cumulative GPA at the end of 8 semesters of high school work is at least a 3.6 (truncated); and
  2. He/she has completed the hours of community service required of NHS members as established below;
  3. He/she has an exemplary discipline/attendance record; and
  4. He/She has participated actively in NHS activities and functions.

All NHS members are responsible for completing the mandated number of service hours in the

St. Pius X High School community, and for any additional hours incurred while a member of the Chapter as specified by the Executive Committee and approved by the NHS Faculty Council.

The Executive Officers elected by the membership of the Del Sarto Chapter of the National Honor Society for the current school year include:  President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Parliamentarian/Historian.

Non-voting members of the executive committee include 4 – 6 junior representatives selected in the spring by the executive officers with the approval of the advisor(s).