Climate of Character

Anti-Bullying Initiative

We believe your school should feel like home and celebrate the diversity of our student body. St. Pius X High School creates a safe and supportive learning environment where the individuality of our students shines. The Anti-Bullying program defines clear standards of behavior for all of our community members. Administrators, faculty, students and parents play a role in creating a safe and respectful setting.

The initiative lays out that instances of bullying:

  • may occur on campus, off campus, or online via the web or apps
  • requires clear and open lines of communication
  • will be documented
  • will receive an appropriate level of consequence for the bullying incident


Honor Code

Grounded in Veritas, our honor code states that how we succeed remains as important as what we accomplish. Each of us plays a role in keeping the integrity of our community. All students declare an honor pledge on each piece of submitted work. All students, parents, faculty and administrators possess clear roles to place honor at the forefront of our activities.

Reviewing our honor code reveals how we each:

    • Must understand the standards of behavior
    • Hold ourselves accountable to those standards
    • Maintain our mutual responsibility as a community
    • Respect confidentiality and due process of any incident