Student Life

Character: Every Day, Every Way

We believe a school that feels like home rests on a foundation of character. Character starts with how we hold ourselves and it extends to the way we treat the people we meet each day. St. Pius X High School gives students a supporting environment in which to learn and to practice the lessons of character.

Those lessons begin with high standards of individual and mutual responsibility. Clear guidelines are set out in the Honor Code, the Anti-Bullying Effort and our drug policy. Each member of the SPX community plays a role in maintaining a safe, open and honest campus that our students enliven with their vitality.

Our students build a warm, enthusiastic and lively campus on that foundation. Students explore their varied interests in a student clubs and groups. Students study character during monthly presentations on topics such as respect, honesty, dignity and more, as faculty and staff expand the dialogue in small group discussions. Students experience how leadership fosters character. The Student Council, National Honor Society, and our student publications reveal that leading your peers requires an extra commitment to the community.

Students today face the challenge of maintaining character in an online world. The boundless possibilities of the internet on every device requires students to set appropriate boundaries of self-control, security, honesty and accountability. Our BYOD program and connected campus put those lessons into practice.

As students transition from the safety and oversight of home to the openness and independence of life after high school, they will benefit from the lessons of character established during their time at St. Pius X High School.