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Solar Eclipse Excitement on Campus
Posted 08/22/2017 07:00PM

SPX was a buzz yesterday as excitement raced throughout the halls about the total solar eclipse.

Mrs. Dunn's science classes learned about eclipses. She showed them virtual simulations of how the earth and the moon orbit around the sun and also how the moon orbits around the earth. The simulation variables were changed in such a way that the students were able to visualize how an eclipse happens and why it is so rare to have a total solar eclipse.

From there, Mrs. Dunn took her students up to the roof top garden in the White Family Center for the Sciences and Media to view the solar eclipse while it was happening.

Ms. Reed and Sister Kelly, SPX science deptartment faculty who sponsor the science club, hosted a solar eclipse viewing for interested students at lunch.

Throughout the day, the other science teachers as well as some teachers from other disciplines, brought their classes out to the roof top garden to view the eclipse.

SPX employees flocked to the roof top garden for a great view of the eclipse during it's peak time.

Solar eclipse glasses and two solar telescopes were provided for safe viewing of the eclipse during all viewing activities.

A big thank you to Mr. Ogle for setting up the solar telescopes and keeping them aligned with the eclipse throughout the day.

The solar eclipse viewing was a hit and we got some great views and photographs of it. The photo below was taken by Mr. Cherry, SPX Librarian/Instructional Technologist. For additional photos, view our Facebook page or Instagram account.

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