Areas of Ministry

Tending to the Spiritual Health of our Community

The Office for Campus Ministry serves our community through four areas of ministry. We strive to practice what we preach by living the tenents of our ministry

Four Core Areas of Ministry



We celebrate the Catholic liturgy on campus through out the school year. Our liturgies stay faithful to the Catholic tradition while taking the opportunity to explore other faiths and to celebrate the diverse cultures within our school community.

Our Office for Campus Ministry draws its liturgical participants from all corners of campus. In support of the visiting clergy, our students and faculty members perform joyful music, serve as ministers, and participate in all aspects of the celebration.

Signs of Liturgical Ministry on Campus
  • Liturgical celebrations each month
  • Spiritual formation of our student and faculty ministers
  • Liturgies within our retreats
  • Liturgies focused on our Dominican tradition


We focus throughout the year on the spiritual development of our students and community. Our efforts remain true to spreading the hope of the Good News while respecting the spiritual expressions of our entire community.

We begin each day with a prayer and reflection grounded within the Dominican tradition.

Signs of spiritual ministry on campus
  • Daily morning prayer and spiritual reflection
  • Retreat ministry for faith development
  • Lunch time reflections available during Lent and Advent
  • Making prayer a core elements of faculty in-service and meetings


Broadening our view beyond our school, our social ministry emphasizes the role of the human being within a larger community. The union of our Dominican pillars of community and preaching calls for us not only to see our place in the world, but to understand our role in caring for our fellow humans. We work to inspire collective and appropriate action on current issues of social justice and social advocacy.

Our Office for Campus Ministry hopes to foster an understanding in our students of their accountability to neighbor, world, creation. We hold true to the themes of Catholic Social Teaching as laid out by the United States Conference of Bishops and the Dominican emphasis on the advocacy of fundamental human rights.

Signs of social ministry on Campus
  • Christian Service Learning Project
  • Campaign for Social Justice
  • Awareness of important social justice issues


Caring for individuals within our community, our Pastoral Ministry tends to people on a personal level. We assist as we can when the go through periods of spiritual or physical issues. It is one way we fulfill the pillar of Community at St. Pius X High School.

Signs of Pastoral Ministry on campus
  • Provide spiritual direction to students and faculty
  • Support for the ill and grieving
  • Serve through hospitality and presence