Christian Service Learning

Taking a direct approach to assisting others

Our Dominican Pillar of Community calls for us to create an outreaching school community. The personal service performed by our students stands as one of our most direct forms of outreach to those in need. As they transition from juniors to seniors, our students commit to 100 hours of service to causes that call to them. Together they give thousands of hours to organizations making Houston a better place and upholding the dignity of every human being.

Christian Service Learning Course

Students begin their Christian Service Learning course in the spring of their junior year. Before they transition into the hectic pace of college, they learn the skill and the value of balancing time spent on their needs versus and time spent in service to others. The course must be completed by October of their senior year.

Course Traits:

  • 100 hours of direct community service
  • Well structured milestones and deliverables
  • Coordinated with our Social Justice Education
  • Includes small group discussions

Don't Know Where to Help?

For those students and community members looking for direct ways to serve their community, the Office for Campus Ministry has collected over 100 service agencies where people can help. A fulfilling opportunity to help exists for people of any faith, interests, and skills.

Find Your Place to Serve:

  • Churches, parishes, synagogues, temples
  • Community assistance
  • Volunteer at health organizations
  • Children's summer camps
  • Mission trips
  • Food services
  • Not-for-profit hospitals
  • Protective homes
  • Archdiocese thrift shops
  • And more...

Supporting Documents