Teaching Truth, Preaching Justice

You see Veritas emblazoned upon the entryways and hallways of our campus. The Truth of the Gospel and the Catholic faith form the center of a St. Pius X education. The Office for Campus Ministry embarks on a mission to guide our students through a journey of faith formation and spiritual growth.

We minister to our community on multiple levels and look to the four pillars of the Dominican charism to frame our efforts. You see tangible signs of our ministries in the liturgies on campus and the retreats for our students and faculty. You see those signs in the care of the sick, grieving and struggling. You see it in calls for social action that expose and address the needs of people near and far from us.

The Office of Campus Ministry moves expressions of faith beyond words on a page to actions on our campus and our wider Houston community. Our Christian Service Learning project is required for every graduating student. During the project students not only study about Social Justice and the fundamental value of a human life, but they engage in 100 hours of direct service to their larger community.

“The legacy of a Catholic education is more than the knowledge imparted to our students; it is the development of a deep and abiding sense of faith, the realization of the value of moral character and the inspiration of a life-long journey of learning.”

– Daniel Cardinal DiNardo

We explore how the Catholic faith goes beyond a person’s individual relationship to God and toward finding a person’s place within the communities of the school, the city, and the world at large. Following the Dominican pillars of Prayer, Study, Community, Preaching, our community develops a meaningful relationship with God and the world around us.

At St. Pius X High School, we place Veritas at the forefront of our hearts and minds in many ways. It is the Truth of the Gospel and Catholic faith, a truth in how we achieve our academic goals and how we treat our fellow students, and a truth of knowing our place in a larger world.

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