Teaching Truth, Preaching Justice

At St. Pius X High School, Campus Ministry is a comprehensive and intentional ministry that serves our diverse school-faith community, including students, faculty/staff, parent/guardians, and alumni.

From pastoral care and liturgical ministry formation, spiritual direction, and faith formation opportunities to social advocacy and apostolic outreach, Campus Ministry seeks to enable others to grow in their faith where they are at and also to enable the use of their gifts and talents at the service of the community.

In the spirit of Dominican education, Campus ministry seeks to transform lives for living the Gospel each and every day, Teaching Truth, Preaching Justice.

The Catholic school, far more than any other, must be a community whose aim is the transmission of values for living. Its work is seen as promoting a faith relationship with Christ in Whom all values find fulfillment. But faith is principally assimilated through contact with people whose daily life bears witness to it. Christian faith, in fact, is born and grows inside a community.”

The Catholic School
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Tending to the Spiritual Health of our Community

The Office for Campus Ministry serves our community through four areas of ministry. We strive to practice what we preach by living the tenets of our ministry.

Four Core Areas of Ministry

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Class Retreat

Growing in prayer, study, community, and preaching

Annual class retreats are times away from the ordinary daily academic and school routines and an invitation to an intentional examination of one’s spiritual journey. Students are encouraged to use the retreat process to grow in relationship with God and to discern how we are called to live our faith actively through our communion and love of God and neighbor.

What is the Value of the Retreat Format?

  • Provides distancing from the stresses of daily life
  • Provides time for personal reflection on our relationship to God and others
  • Provides opportunities to pray, share, reflect, and build community


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Christian Service Learning

Serving Others and Making a Difference

As students transition from juniors to seniors, they are asked to complete a minimum of 100 hours of service to social causes that call to them. Together they provide thousands of hours to social agencies and charity organizations, making our world a better place and they become strong Veritas women and men.

Students begin their Christian Service Learning course in the spring of their junior year and must complete it by October of their senior year. They develop leadership skills and learn the  value of balancing their own commitments and time spent in service to others. Some agencies where our students serve include churches, parishes, synagogues and temples, children's and adults with special needs camps, community food pantries, mission trips, hospital and age care facilities, outreach educational programs, and numerous other social service agencies.

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St. Pius X

St. Pius X is the patron of liturgical and sacred music, and is also known as the Pope of the Eucharist. Learn more about our school's namesake.

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