St. Pius X High School Foundation

The St. Pius X High School Foundation administers the School endowment.

Mission Statement

The Foundation is established to help secure the future of St. Pius X High School, enabling the continued commitment to the development of academically competent and socially responsible young men and women by providing a religious foundation and the best education possible, thus empowering its students to offer both moral and intellectual leadership for tomorrow.


  • Develop a scholarship fund and financial aid program
  • Fund increased faculty/staff salary benefits
  • Develop a fund for necessary capital improvements
  • Fund other long-term projects recommended by the Board
  • Develop an alternate revenue stream for additional operating funds

Organizational structure


Others include two members of the St. Pius X High School Board of Directors (usually the Chair and the vice Chair) and eight other members.

Roles and responsibilities

  • The Investment Committee is responsible for the long-term management of the investments of the Foundation.
  • The Gala Committee has oversight for the planning and execution of the Foundation’s annual fundraising event. Their particular areas of interest are table sales, underwriting and sponsorships, as well as the selection and recruitment of each year’s honoree(s).

The primary sources for the endowment include:

  • Net proceeds from the Gala
  • Restricted gifts, such as scholarships or funds for faculty chairs
  • Grants from foundations which do not give to religious institutions

Other areas for development of resources:

  • Increased grants for financial aid
  • Planned gifts
  • The Gala as a primary fundraising vehicle is on-going