2018 Gala Honoree


The Dominican Sisters and St. Pius X High School Foundation are deeply honored and proud to celebrate the SPX Faculty and Staff by presenting them with the 2018 Del Sarto Humanitarian Award.

Teachers are the backbone of progress in society and have one of the most challenging and fulfilling jobs—literally shaping the lives and minds of future generations. Long hours and hard work go into their classrooms – creating challenging lessons, guiding students and engaging with families, and collaborating with colleagues. And then there’s all the time put in after class – leading athletic or academic teams and clubs or performances, and staying up-to-date on research and changes in their fields of expertise and education.

But most teachers would agree that it’s worth it to see that spark of understanding in a young adult’s eyes. Sometimes that spark is immediate – a student grasps a complex math or science concept, throws a better pitch, finds their voice on stage or writes an award-winning essay. Other times, the effects that teachers have can be long-term – helping students learn to better question their own understanding and the world around them, teaching them to know right from wrong and deciding how they can impact those ideas, and guiding them as they decide what path their life will go on. A teacher’s everyday action impacts students every day for the rest of their lives.

Everyone has at least one teacher or staff member that they remember fondly and knows just what an impact that person had on his/her life. That one faculty member who helped lay the foundation to shape the person of today, who helped drive home truths and cast away doubts. Without that person, lives would have traveled vastly different paths.

So, thank you, SPX faculty and staff. Thank you for sharing your passion for language, music, literature, math, science, theater, religion, history, and so many other subjects with our students. Thank you for doing this work without the expectation of a much deserved thank you. We celebrate and thank you for the vital role that you play in supporting students and strengthening the future.