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SPX Celebrates Founder's Day
SPX Celebrates Founder's Day

Early in September 1956, the workmen around St. Pius X became accustomed to seeing the six members of the faculty, Sr. Mary Margaret, Superior and Principal, Sr. Cecilia, Sr. Alacoque, Sr. Marcus, Sr. Doloretta, and Sr. Marie Bernard, trip (literally) over the muddy yard and building materials into one of the unfinished labs where they spent the day getting books ready for the freshmen and sophomores who were registered as the first students.

In the mid-50's Bishop Wendelin J. Nold began a diocesan wide campaign to construct three new high schools, strategically placed in developing neighborhoods. He recruited the services of religious orders already established in the city to sponsor and staff the schools: The Sisters of the Incarnate Word of the Blessed Sacrament to found Marian High School (1955), The Carmelite Fathers and the School Sisters of Notre Dame to lead Mt. Carmel, (1956). And the Dominican Sisters to open St. Pius X (1956). By the end of September 1956, Bishop Nold's vision had become a reality. Today, of the three schools, only St. Pius X high school continues operating under the leadership of the Dominican Sisters of Houston.

After weeks of going back and forth from the Mother-house, the long for day came when the Sisters could move in at St. Pius X. Sunday afternoon, September 16, the "pine-eers" left the Mother-house with the Ford station wagon barely closed on their belongings. For years after that station wagon was to be loaded again and again, but never was it quite like the first time. For a while it looked as though some of the Sisters would have to be left behind, forty-five minutes later a tired station wagon and six triumphant women with about a ton of luggage which included a hot plate and Nesco roaster, landed at the parking lot entrance.

By 1956, St. Agnes Academy, also sponsored by the Dominican Sisters, was marking it's Golden Jubilee. In a spirit of celebration and in response to the visionary idea of Bishop Nold, the Dominican Sisters agreed to staff and sponsor a new school. On September 17, 1956 the doors of St. Pius X High School were opened amid on-going construction and admitted 253 freshmen/women and sophomores to the first day of classes.

Today, as then, Dominican education continues to serve the families of Galveston-Houston, with an ever-strong commitment to Veritas, Truth, infusing life outside the walls of this portion of the vineyard at 811 West Donovan Street in Northwest Houston, known as St. Pius X High School.

May God bring to completion the good work He has begun.