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Panther Football Fans -

What a great way to kick off the 2020 football season! The Panthers made us proud in victory! SPX is immensely grateful to all of our fans who adhered to the COVID-19 health and safety protocol and are making Panther football possible! It is truly a team effort!

In reviewing both the overall capacity limits and the allocation of tickets moving forward, it is important to highlight how ticket distribution has been handled thus far:

  • Each participant of Football, Cheer, Dance, Band, and Sports Medicine had the opportunity to purchase 2 season passes each
  • 125 Tickets have been reserved for visiting teams each game in accordance with TAPPS regulations
  • Booster memberships have provided over 100 season passes

Additionally, overall stadium capacity limits include:

  • All the guests mentioned above
  • SPX game participants - football players, cheerleaders, pantherettes, athletic trainers, band members, coaches, team sponsors
  • Opposing school game participants - football players, coaches, and spirit groups (pending the school)
  • Game Officials
  • Film Crews and Media
  • Concession Volunteers
  • Faculty and Staff on duty
  • Security and other event support personnel

Due to safety and health limits general admission tickets have not been made available and therefore no link has been provided. Moving forward, we are allocating any remaining tickets to the SPX student body through select student organizations and their sponsors. Getting students back in the stands, even at a limited capacity, is essential for school spirit and the overall high school experience. Tickets for these students will be distributed through the St. Pius X organization's sponsor or coach.  No tickets will be available to students for purchase.

Given the allocation of ticketing,  we are currently at approximately 50% venue capacity, above the originally mentioned 25% spectator capacity mentioned in the COVID-19 Spectator Protocol.   This is the maximum capacity that we as a school can safely accommodate, while remaining in compliance with TAPPS protocol.  We are unable to offer general admission tickets for this season.

For those of you unable to attend this season, we hope you will join the excitement and watch the action by streaming the games through NFHS Network!

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