Fine Arts

Fine Arts

Creating a vibrant school environment

Our students bring life to our campus through our Fine Arts program. They create vibrant expressions of sight, sound, and performance as they use their God-given talents. We believe every student has a special gift, and our faculty guides our students in their development.

Our Fine Arts program has a place for everyone in classes for the visual arts, choirs, bands, and Veritas Theatre. You see the results in the performer front and center, the quiet student with a notebook of amazing drawings, the skilled technician running the light board during a performance and the student leader pulling his or her peers into sync.

Our students' creations fill our public events and hallways. The chorus provides music for our liturgies and concerts, the band stirs the crowd at pep rallies and games, and Veritas Theatre puts on four shows a year. Our visual artists provide images for display cases, our literary magazine, and our yearbook. 

Fine Arts Director

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