Torchbearer of Truth Award

Established in 2015, the Torchbearer of Truth distinguished alumni award is given to an SPX alumnus who serves as an outstanding example of the Four Pillars of the Dominican charism in both their chosen professions and their communities; who are leaders among their peers, exemplifying Veritas as well as Dominican social justice teachings; and who have given some measure of their time, talent or treasure to St. Pius X High School or their church. A Torchbearer of Truth Candidate must: 

  • Have graduated from St. Pius X High School a minimum of 5 years prior to the date of the award
  • Serve as an outstanding example of the four pillars of the Dominican Charism - Prayer, Study, Community and Preaching - in both his/her chosen profession and within his/her community
  • Stand as a leader among his/her peers, exemplifying the "Veritas" motto, as well as the Dominican social justice teachings
  • Have contributed some measure of time, talent, or treasure to St. Pius X High School and/or his/her church.

The recipient of the Torchbearer of Truth award will be chosen at the discretion of the Alumni Association Board and approved by the St. Pius X High School Leadership Team from the nominations received from our Alumni.

Past award recipients:

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