Advantages of Co-Education

At St. Pius X High School, young men and women learn together, developing mutual respect and understanding for each other. They are working and learning together on a daily basis, building a sound platform for personal growth, peer connectedness, relationships with other people and the development of appropriate value systems. 

Working together in the classroom and interacting with each other in co-curriculars provides young women and men with the opportunity to learn from each other intellectually, socially and emotionally. At St. Pius X High School, students work collaboratively, exchange ideas and debate issues – adding to the richness and diversity of thinking and learning that fills all classrooms. 

Co-education improves the ways students think, learn, and collaborate; young people can develop confidence, empathy, understanding, and leadership, as they navigate the challenges of social and emotional growth, while encouraging mutual success in one another. 

Working with both genders in the classroom challenges sexist attitudes. Many subjects allow for considerable classroom discussion and debate; young men and women often have different perspectives on the same issues, and they acknowledge that each approach has a great deal to offer the other. 

Outside the classroom, young women and men stand side-by-side in leadership positions, participate in co-curricular clubs and activities, combine in music groups, perform in plays and musicals, and share recreational spaces. Co-education is inclusive and essentially a reflection of society and the diversity of our culture. 

Friendships develop in a very natural and meaningful way in co-educational schools as well. This happens because students participate in a pleasant, well-supervised environment every day through classroom co-curricular activities

Co-education helps to break down the misconceptions of each gender about the other and provides an excellent foundation for the development of realistic, meaningful and lasting relationships in later life.