Earn and retain a merit scholarship at SPX

We seek to attract the best and brightest students. St. Pius X High School offers academic scholarships to incoming ninth graders based upon what students score on the High School Placement Test, teacher recommendations and middle school grades.

Student must meet the following criteria

  • Submit application by December 15, 2020
  • Take HSPT or ISEE and submit scores to St. Pius X | Receiving a Composite Score at the 96th percentile or Average Stanine of 8 or above on the ISEE
  • Receive acceptance for the 2021-2022 school year
  • Meet composite score requirements on entrance exam


Entrance Exam Composite Score and GPA Requirements

Composite Percentile
Average Stanine
Amount (per year)
Annual Renewal
99% 9 $ 7,500 GPA – Top 10 percent
98% 8 $ 5,000 GPA – Top 10 percent
97% 7 $ 2,000 GPA – Top 15 percent
96% n/a $ 1,250 GPA – Top 15 percent