Financial Aid FAQ

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Who can apply for financial aid?

Any current student of St. Pius X or anyone who has submitted an application for admission to St. Pius X and has listed St. Pius X as his/her first choice on the entrance application and on his/her entrance exam.

Do I have to apply for financial aid before I know my child has been admitted?

Yes. The application for financial aid must be completed by the deadlines. Applications received after the deadlines will only be considered if funds are available,

Does my application for financial assistance affect the admissions process?

No. St. Pius X admits students without regard to an applicant's ability to pay tuition or other costs of a St. Pius X education. In addition, St. Pius X admits students without regard to race, color or national or ethnic origin.

Why am I submitting my application to FAST?

St. Pius X has contracted with FAST to process the financial aid applications and provide an objective evaluation of each family's financial need. FAST (Financial Aid for School Tuition) is an online application program developed by Independent School Management. FAST will report to St. Pius X a need-based financial aid analysis for each financial aid applicant. This reporting service will allow St. Pius X to evaluate financial need for all applicants equally using nationally established standards of best practice.

Will I receive notification when my application is complete?

Similar to the admissions process you will receive an email notifying you that your application has been submitted and that you have paid the $43 fee. That email will be sent from FAST. You will not receive any correspondence after that from FAST. It is our recommendation that families be diligent in following up with either Denise Hyland in the Business Office or the Admissions Office staff to ensure all supporting tax documents and paystubs have been received and processed.

How is financial aid awarded?

Based on the information you supply, FAST creates a report that assesses your family's ability to pay for St. Pius X tuition. St. Pius X uses the report as a guideline for awarding grants.

When will I find out if we have been awarded financial aid?

The school will notify first-year students of their financial assistance status along with their acceptance letter. All who qualify for financial assistance are required to schedule an appointment with the Head of School to be informed of the monetary award amount and the required expectations for financial assistance. Available appointment dates with the Head of School will be sent to all financial assistance recipients.

What is the average financial aid award at St. Pius X?

The average financial assistance awarded for the 2016-2017 school year was $5,700 based on a combined household income of less than $44,100.

Is my personal financial information shared with anyone in anyway?

No. All information you send to FAST or St. Pius X is kept confidential, as is all information pertaining to your family's financial aid request.

What if both parents are divorced, separated or have never been married?

If the dependents you list in the application will live primarily with you, then you should complete the application based on your income and household expenses. If you have remarried, you will need to complete the application and include information about the stepparent's income, expenses, assets and debt. The non-custodial parent or joint custody parent must also complete an online application. The Financial Aid committee will use information from both parties in its assessment of financial need.

What if I do not have a credit card to pay the online fee?

The charge for the application is $43 with a MasterCard, Visa or American Express. If you do not have a credit card, please contact Denise Hyland at or 713-579-7510.

Who should I list as a dependent?

You should include all dependents currently living with you or for whom you are providing support. This includes older children attending college or any other relatives who are currently living with you that you provide support.

Is tuition assistance automatically renewed each year?

No. St. Pius X requires families to reapply for financial aid each year. There is no automatic renewal of financial aid.

Do I have to repay the grant?

No. St. Pius X requires each family awarded financial aid to complete and return a signed agreement of commitment to the school. Each award recipient must sell the recommended $320 in raffle tickets for the annual spring fundraiser and complete/return the “Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, Annual Income Eligibility Parent Survey".