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Tutorial Reservations

Please click on the below links to reserve a spot for tutorials.


  1. Find your teacher below (if viewing on a phone, please turn sideways to see teacher names)
  2. Click to reserve a meeting.  A Bookings window will open
  3. Choose a free time slot with teacher
  4. Fill out form
  5. You will receive an email with your online meeting reservation and link



Teacher Course Bookings Link
Sr. Kelly Biddle Bio, AP Bio Click to Reserve
Wayne Cherry Eng. Design, Eng. Appl. Click to Reserve
Kim Holik Bio. I, Chem., Conc. Chem. Click to Reserve
Mildred Johnson Bio. I, IPC, Forensics Click to Reserve
Vern Ogle Conc. Phys., Env. Sci., Earth/Space Click to Reserve
Abbie Reed Chem. I, Honors, AP Chem. Click to Reserve
John Rezentes Phys., AP Phys. I & II, Robotics Click to Reserve


Teacher Course Bookings Link
Michelle Broussard Alg. I Hon., II Hon., Geometry Click to Reserve
Mike Dillon Geometry, Math Models Click to Reserve
Colleen McGee Pre-Cal, College Alg./Trig. Click to Reserve
Lynda Ogle Alg. II, AP Calc., AP Stats Click to Reserve
Kelly Patterson Alg. I, II Click to Reserve
Sarah Vincent Alg. I, Geo./Trig., Honors Click to Reserve

English/Language Arts

Teacher Course Bookings Link
Katie Anderson Eng. I Honors, Eng. IV Click to Reserve
Caitlin Boydstun Engl. I, II Hon., III Challenging Click to Reserve
Clare Brockman Eng. I, II click to reserve
Margaret Buehler Eng. II, III, AP Eng. Lang Click to Reserve
Christina Guajardo Eng. III, AP Eng. Lit., Creative Writing Click to Reserve
Laura Celis-Black ELL II, III, Read/Write I, II Click to Reserve
Derek Gantt ELL I click to reserve
Stephen Gonzalez Academic Strategies I, II Click to reserve
Mike Evans Academic Strategies III, IV click to reserve


Teacher Course Bookings Link
Greg Cranfill Strength & Cond. click to reserve
Mike Evans Strength & Cond., PE I & II click to reserve
Jeff Feller PE I click to reserve
Charles Johnson Health, Kinesiology & Sports Med. click to reserve

Social Studies

Teacher Course Bookings Link
Pat Burns Government click to reserve
Tatum Koval Anc. Hist. Hon., Modern Hist., APUSH Click to Reserve
Dr. Holly Sanders Hon Econ., US Hist. D/C, Hon Modern Hist. Click to Reserve
Amir Seliman Modern Hist. click to reserve
Victor Takacs Ancient Hist., Gov’t. Click to Reserve
Gary West US Hist., Psychology Click to Reserve

Business/Computer Science

Teacher Course Bookings Link
Chris Schisser AP/Comp. Sci., Auto CAD, Video Tech, Bus. Law Click to Reserve
Erin VanWassenhove PE I, Personal Finance click to reserve


Teacher Course Bookings Link
Sr. Kelly Biddle Faith & Sci. Click to Reserve
Heidi Bollich-Erne Faith & Sci., Theo III Click to Reserve
Chris Hernandez Theo II, Church Hist. Click to Reserve - Theo II
Click to Reserve - Church Hist.
Paul Jurick Theo I Click to Reserve
Claudia Somerville Theo II, Social & Moral Click to Reserve
Angela Stinner-Trimble Theo III, Ecumenical Issues Click to Reserve
Chris Wardwell Theo I, Christ. Vocations Click to Reserve

Foreign Language

Teacher Course Bookings Link
John Kaylor Span. I & II click to reserve
Amir Seliman Span. II, French I - IV click to reserve
William Warren Span. III & IV Hon., AP Span., Mandarin Click to Reserve
Tim Wood Latin I-IV Click to Reserve

Fine Arts

Teacher Course Bookings Link
Georgi Beissner yearbook, Dig. Photo, Multi-Media Click to Reserve
Julie Dorman Dance I click to reserve
Paul Jurick Chorus, Handbell click to reserve
John Magalhaes Debate I & II, Acting, Comm. Click to Reserve
Matthew Maldonado Band I-IV, Percussion, Orchestra click to reserve
Susan Wallace Vis. Found, Paint., Draw., Textile Art & Design click to reserve
Angela Washenfelder Comm., Stage Craft I-IV, Tech Theatre click to reserve