SPX Wireless

Staying connected during the school day

Our campus maintains a secure and filtered wireless network so that our students, faculty and guests stay connected throughout the day. That Wi-Fi network allows students to connect to their online classrooms, their Office365 account, and research materials. It delivers what they need directly to their device.

Keeping focused

While the Internet and online apps serve us as wonderful tools, they can also be big distractions. We maintain a set of internet filters to block online content deemed distracting, unsafe or unacceptable. Students and parents will find their online options limited while on campus as we strive to keep an educational focus.

During the school year, our technology office explores the best ways to manage mobile devices on campus. Our solution will serve as a way to both deliver the apps required for a great classroom experience and suppress distracting apps while using our network. It will not make any permanent changes to personal devices.

Get to know BeppoNet

When on campus your device will see three levels of access:

  • BeppoNet-Guest – open to all guest upon agreeing to our terms of use
  • BeppoNet-Student – reserved for students upon log-in
  • BeppoNet-Faculty – reserved for faculty upon log-in

Visit the BeppoNet connections for steps to connect your device.