Bring Your Own Device


Many families at St. Pius have already invested in technology devices for their families. In 2012, St. Pius High School began its Bring Your Own Device program and we review it each year. Students may use their own devices on campus within the understandable limits of a school environment. The BYOD program gives students a chance to incorporate the power of these tools into their learning program.

What Devices to Use

Today we have more options than ever for devices to help us remain productive throughout the day. Our school does not recommend any single device or manufacturer to families. Annually, we provide general guidelines to help families make the best choice for their students and to keep up with technology. As well, we maintain a set of computer labs and online services available to all students.

A few things to consider when choosing a device:

  • Screen size
  • Touch screen or keyboard input
  • Operating system
  • App stores

Remain a Responsible Digital Student

Ever had that moment where a friend or family member will not put down their device? In the same way, it is important for all students to respect certain boundaries and standards when using a device on campus.

Here are a few of our overall guidelines:

  • Teachers control when devices may be used in a classroom
  • Students are responsible for the security and maintenance of their devices
  • Student are responsible for knowing how to use their devices
  • No use of devices in the hallway as classes change

You can find out more by downloading our BYOD Guidelines here. It describes in detail the standards of student behavior and the consequences for breaking them.

Technology at SPX

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