Study Abroad

Preparing students for life

Every summer our Veritas Men and Women meet the four pillars of our Mission Statement - Prayer, Study, Community and Preaching - beyond the realm of the United States.  They have the opportunity to receive college hours from accredited universities while sharing meals and daily living with natives as well as taking in a unique educational experience.

Why Study Abroad?

In line with our mission statement, we believe in the value of experiencing other cultures first hand. Students will find themselves immersed withinn a new community of diverse gifts and heritage, enlarging their view of this ever-growing world. While one can read about life in another country, living there allows one to surround themselves with the people, the language, the food and the customs.  

    • Language Learning - Immersion is by far the best way to learn a language.
    • Resume Building - Less than 1% of high school graduates applying to college have an immersion experience, ultimately becoming more marketable to admission counselors. 
    • University Credit - Begin earning college credit accepted by 450 universities while in high school.

Summer 2020

Where:                                      Salamanca, Spain, including excursions to Madrid (3 nights) Toledo ( 4 nights) and Averio-Salamanca (9 nights)
When:                                        June 26-July 15, 2020
Cost:                                          TBD
More Information:                2020 Brochure  | Contact William Warren, SPX Faculty

Summer 2018 Spain Trip

Spain - Study Abroad

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Evidence of God's Hand on SPX Trip

SPX faculty member John Kaylor recently took a trip to Spain with several students. Read about how evident God was in the students' travels even before they left US soil.

Recently, faculty member John Kaylor took a trip to Spain with several SPX students. Before the group even left US soil, it was evident to Mr. Kaylor that God's hand was on the group and their endeavors.


We arrived Madrid yesterday after having seen God’s hand on us two times and maybe more that we just did not see.

1) We were at the airport when a student from the other group lost a passport. I found a distraught mother on the floor – she had been there a while – desperately digging through every bag with a terrified look on her face. I immediately prayed, and thank God for Ronny George (SPX CFO) who offered a prayer to St Anthony. The passport was found within minutes (maybe seconds) of the prayer.

2) We have all flown on many airplanes, and know the moment of take off when the pilot has the plane up to speed and you are expecting the nose of the plane to lift. In that moment he slams the brakes, the tires burn rubber for what seems like hundreds of feet. The whole plane lunges forward and everyone onboard gasps as the pilot screeches to a halt near the end of the runway. Apparently, a service vehicle had driven onto our runway at the time of our take off. The tower aborted our flight, and we sat there for the next hour and a half while they did what they had to do, including replacing the pilots.

Before boarding this flight to Madrid, I had just written out my prayer in my journal:
“Oh LORD be gracious to us and make Your face shine upon us ....surround us with Your favor as with a shield....appoint Your love and faithfulness to protect us We are so thankful!!!!!!!”

So we arrive Madrid and there’s Ivan Lopez to meet our group. I do not know how this man does what he does; he constantly exceeds every expectation. We all went out to dinner, and after looking at the menu, we finally said, “just order some things and we will share them.” He did – about 6 plates – it was amazing.  From fish to cheese to pork done so tastefully - I would never have been able to figure that out.

And the other thing - I was not tired. I got a few cat naps on both flights – none more than 20 minutes (I’m sure it’s going to hit me sooner or later). And we sat there last night till after midnight. Today we are off to the Prado and other sights. Thank you all for your prayers - I am so thankful to see His hand in these issues.

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