Student Life

Student Life


Students give life to SPX

SPX students' interests are as diverse as the school community - creating a welcoming, enthusiastic and lively campus. From Veritas Theatre and lacrosse to X-Crew and Robotics, students at SPX have the ability to explore their interests through a variety of co-curriculars. Students are encouraged to participate in the thriving student life outside of the classroom to bond with fellow Panthers as they grow in creativity, spirituality, leadership, and friendship.

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Did you know SPX offers transportation services to some of the major areas of Houston?

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Dining options

We are proud to partner with Lexington Independents for delicious, diverse meal offerings on campus year-round.

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Student Events

Rich in tradition, St. Pius X High School Fosters a "family" spirit through the celebration of community events that include: 

  • FISH Week - Seniors are paired with Freshmen/women for a fun introduction to life at SPX
  • Homecoming Game and Homecoming Dance
  • Panther Pride Days
  • Prom - Seniors only for this elegant affair!
  • Project Prom - the prom fun continues with a lock-in at Dave & Busters with food, giveaways, games and more!
  • Field Day - Fun and games on the field for all Panthers!
  • Veritas Junior Ring Ceremony - Juniors receive their senior rings and begin their roles as Veritas leaders
  • Seniors Award Ceremony - Recognition for Senior achievements in a beautiful on -campus ceremony for families and friends
  • Graduation - Celebrated with a full Mass with all the pomp and circumstance!
  • Liturgies - School gathers monthly to celebrate feasts and holy days
  • Grandparents Day - Grandparents are welcomed for a morning on campus with their grandchild!

Grandparents Day returns!

We were thrilled to welcome back Grandparents Day on November 18, 2022. View some of the event photos from this beloved tradition below! 

SPX Co-Curriculars

We believe in educating the entire student and fostering a strong sense of community at St. Pius X High School. As a result, our students in small multi-grade level groups meet regularly with faculty and staff to promote meaningful relationships while providing academic, social, and emotional collaboration with students and families.  

Our advisory program exists to promote personal and academic growth within each individual SPX student as well as strengthen our entire Community.  This program provides:

  • Stronger student to student connectedness
  • Stronger student to teacher connectedness
  • Academic and personal support
  • Self-advocacy
  • Continuous mentorship
  • Guidance
  • School spirit
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Honor Code

Grounded in Veritas, our honor code states that how we succeed remains as important as what we accomplish. Each of us plays a role in maintaining the integrity of our community. All students declare an honor pledge on each piece of submitted work. All students, parents, faculty and administrators possess clear roles to place honor at the forefront of our activities.

Reviewing our honor code reveals how we each:

  • Must understand the standards of behavior
  • Hold ourselves accountable to those standards
  • Maintain our mutual responsibility as a community
  • Respect confidentiality and due process of any incident