Course Registration

This page supports the 2021-2022 academic course registration process for current
St. Pius X students in Classes 2022, 2023
and 2024.

This is an important time for St. Pius X High School students and educators as they look forward and prepare for next fall. This page, which outlines important dates, information, and resources, is designed to support students and parents/ guardians through the course registration process. For additional information about course registration, please contact your student’s counselor.

Course Request Process

Course registration begins with students logging into the new online tool to view the core courses for which their current teachers have approved, based on the department’s honors/AP enrollment prerequisites.

Preliminary honors/AP core course placements are made using each student’s first semester grade and most recent available test scores. Course placements will be re-evaluated at the end of the third quarter by the student’s core teachers.

Final placement is based on each department’s honors/AP enrollment prerequisites and second semester grades.

In the tool, students will make elective requests based on their interests.

A one-on-one student/counselor conference closes the registration process.

Parent Appointments

SPX counselsors are making themselvs available for parent appointments. These appointments are on specific Wednesdays by grade level.

Counselor - Parent Appointments
Student Last Name Counselor Appointment LInk
A-G Mr. Christian Zela Book an Appointment
H - N Dr. Yvonne Clark Book an Appointment
O - Z Mrs. Jennifer Boyles Book an Appointment


Instructions - Login for New Online Tools

Instructions - Online Selection of Electives

Course Request Guidelines

When making selections, students and families are encouraged to refer to the 2021-2022 St. Pius X High School Course Catalog which contains important information, course descriptions, course pre-requisites, and honors/AP course guidelines.


  • Students must select courses to total between 8 and 12 credits for each semester. Students should select alternates for their electives.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in a third year of foreign language.
  • Student athletes have been placed in an in-season strength and conditioning course.
  • Rising senior students must choose two senior level theology courses.
  • Each student will meet with his/her counselor to review course selections and discuss requests or concerns.
  • Study lab placements will be determined by the student’s counselor after comprehensive review of the student’s course load.
Course Request Steps

Registration Documents

List of documents important to the overall registration process for St. Pius X courses