Admission Process

Step 1: Complete the online application for St. Pius X High School by going to and selecting Apply Now. 

Step 2: Complete the online Learning for Success application and submit it with a recent psycho-educational evaluation that is no more than three years old.

Go to, select Apply Now, then select Learning for Success Application.

Step 3: The Learning Support Committee will review your application and support documentation, then the Director of the Learning Center will interview students and their parents/guardians. We also welcome recommendations from current teachers and counselors and will consider these before we make our decision. Recommendation forms are on the last page of the SPX Online Application, and you can also download them here.

Step 4: Acceptance into the Learning for Success Program is based on the High School Entrance Exam scores, students’ current formal psycho-educational evaluation, personal interviews and recommendations. We mail all letters of acceptance and nonacceptance on the same day. For more detailed information about our acceptance process, click here

Please apply early! Enrollment in the Learning for Success Program is limited.

Evaluation Requirements

As part of your student’s admissions packet, you need to provide us with a recent psychoeducational evaluation that is no more than three years old. We accept evaluations from qualified examiners, including the following:

  • Clinical and counseling psychologists
  • Educational and school psychologists
  • Neuropsychologists
  • Specialists in learning differences

You may also use professionals who are qualified to assess learning differences but not on this list. If you do, their formal psychoeducational evaluation of your student must include the training and experience that qualifies them to conduct these assessments.

The evaluation must include these five things (you’ll find a detailed description of each one below):

  • A thorough diagnostic interview
  • An IQ battery
  • Achievement testing 
  • Information processing testing 
  • Diagnosis 

Tier Levels & Fees

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