Use the right tools to find the right college

Attending the college of your choice starts with casting an eye on your target, setting goals that lead you there, and tracking your progress along the way. Our college counseling office uses the Naviance service to help you through college admissions. Naviance also provides our senior students the way to order transcripts for all their application and scholarship needs.

Naviance helps our college counselor, Claudia Valbuena, work with students and parents to achieve their college plans.

Get to Know Naviance With This Brief Video

How Naviance Helps our Parents and Students

Naviance provides our students with the tools to find the right college for them. Students, parents and counselors share information so that students may:

  • Discover their traits and skills
  • Explore careers interests
  • Set goals for high school
  • Search for scholarship and summer opportunities
  • Track their academic standing for specific colleges
  • Order transcripts for all their applications and scholarships
  • Stay on top of the paperwork mountain

Use Naviance to find the correct contact for your college, to track the application process and deadlines and to gather documents like transcripts and letters of recommendation.

For more informationa about Naviance, please contact Claudia Valbuena at 713.579.7520 or