College Counseling

Meet your college counselor

Claudia Valbuena, our full-time college counselor, assists students through the college admission process. She can help you understand how colleges balance the overall GPA, the strength of you curriculum, scores on standardized tests and your participation in extracurricular activities.

College Events

Student Role in College Admissions

St. Pius X counselors encourage students to challenge themselves on both an academic and an extracurricular level. We encourage students to take a four year view of finding and gaining entrance to the college of their choice. Students can help themselves now and in the future by:

  • Taking responsibility for grades and learning
  • Tackling challenging courses that foster growth
  • Developing time management skill to balance multiple interests

College Admissions - Know What to Do When

St. Pius X provides this year by year checklist to guide you through the high school years.

9th Grade

  • Find one or more extracurricular activities of interest
  • Make a commitment to that interest for multiple years (sport, club, community service)
  • Meet with the guidance counselor and honestly discuss your interests
  • Start a file for report cards, honors and a list of your activities
  • Familiarize yourself with Naviance
  • Parents can attend the Parent/Guardian information night at school

10th Grade

  • Take the PSAT and PLAN in October
  • Meet with the guidance counselor to register for course that reflect your potential
  • Start exploring college campus to find the size, location and culture to fits you
  • Stick with your extracurricular activities and document them
  • Learn how to make Naviance work for you
  • Student-athletes can talk to coaches about their interest in college athletics
  • Parents can attend the Parent/Guardian information night at school

11th Grade - Fall Semester

  • Take the PSAT in October (Qualifying exam for National Merit)
  • Discuss the ACT/SAT Test prep option with your counselor
  • Start meeting college representatives as they visit campus
  • Step up to a leadership role in your extracurricular activities
  • Attend the Catholic High School College Fair
  • Use your “College Visit" days to explore schools in person

11th Grade - Spring Semester

  • Register to take the ACT or SAT standardized test
  • List your colleges of interest
  • Research the colleges on your list in Naviance
  • Tap into other sources of information on your colleges (websites, alumni, guidebooks)
  • Modify your list of colleges as you learn more
  • Research source of financial aid to help pay for college
  • Update your resume of extracurricular activities
  • Athletes should file paper with NCAA Clearinghouse or NAIA Eligibility Center

12th Grade - Fall Semester

  • Schedule an appointment with the college counselor early in the semester
  • Meet with college counselor as needed through the semester
  • Register to take the ACT and SAT again (as needed)
  • Be diligent with your applications
  • Use Naviance to keep on top of your applications
  • Know your application deadlines
  • Meet with college representatives as they visit campus
  • Use your “College Visit" days to explore your top schools in person
  • Complete the application for financial aid at The application is available October 1, 2016, and requires students/parents to use 2015 tax return information.


12th Grade - Spring Semester

  • Review financial aid and scholarship offers. College and universities notify students of award packages during the Spring semester. Please be sure to accept awards offered from your top choice.
  • Submit scholarship letters and offers to counseling office.
  • Submit all copies of acceptance letters to counselling office
  • Notify all colleges of your decision by May 1
  • Enjoy your final months at St. Pius X and end on an academic high note
  • Attend Senior Awards Ceremony
  • Counseling Office will submit all final transcripts to colleges in June