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Claudia Valbuena, our full-time college counselor, assists students through the college admission process. She can help you understand how colleges balance the overall GPA, the strength of you curriculum, scores on standardized tests and your participation in extracurricular activities.

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Student Role in College Admissions

St. Pius X counselors encourage students to challenge themselves on both an academic and an extracurricular level. We encourage students to take a four year view of finding and gaining entrance to the college of their choice. Students can help themselves now and in the future by:

  • Taking responsibility for grades and learning
  • Tackling challenging courses that foster growth
  • Developing time management skill to balance multiple interests

College Admissions - Know What to Do When

St. Pius X provides this year by year checklist to guide you through the high school years.

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Iris Spells

Iris Spells

Claudia Valbuena-Mejia

Claudia Valbuena-Mejia


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