College Prep Program

Preparing students for the rigors of college life

At the heart of our College Preparatory Program lays a core curriculum of study. We require four years of study in five different subject areas. That concentration of study develops a deep knowledge of the area as well as the needed skills to succeed at the college level.  We work with students in a supportive learning environment to develop their gifts.

What is different about college prep study?

All of our students complete 4 years of 5 areas of study. We believe that focus on core subjects and high classroom expectations develops our students for life after high school. Our core areas of study are:

    • Theology
    • English
    • Math
    • Science
    • Social Studies & Economics

Growing interests in new directions

Our students come to us with a set of God-given gifts and talents. We offer a full array of electives so that student may explore and grow those talents. The artist, the musician, and the programmer all have a place within our student body.

    • Visual Arts
    • Music
    • Theatre production
    • Computer programming
    • Video production & graphic design

Make sure to visit our Fine Arts pages to see selections of our student’s work.

Our college prep requires 26 credit units for graduation.