Advanced Programs

Giving students a chance to excel

For students looking to challenge themselves beyond our College Prep Program, we offer multiple ways to achieve excellence. Students may both learn college level material and earn college credits while still in high school. We believe in the talents of our students and give qualified students the chance to earn the most from their college prep education.

Our advanced programs prepare students for the rigors of college life that await them.

Advanced Placement (AP)

Student may earn credits with most colleges and universities through our AP courses and exams. Students work with college level expectations throughout the year then show their mastery of material with an end of the year exam.

Visit the AP student website to learn more about Advanced Placement program.


Our honors program students realize their full potential by choosing challenging coursework. In-depth study and higher amounts of work give our students a taste of college life. Our faculty works with the students to develop:

  • Strong writing skills
  • Sharpened problem solving ability
  • Excellent study habits
  • Depth of understanding in subject matter

Grade points for honors classes are one point higher to reflect the extra demands on the student.

Grade Point Average - Computation
Grade Honors Course College Prep Course
100 to 90 5.0 4.0
89 to 80 4.0 3.0
79 to 75 3.0 2.0
74 to 70 2.0 1.0
Below 70 0.0 0.0