Embrace Academic Excellence and Integrity

The academic program at St. Pius X High School centers on the Dominican Pillar of Study, the pursuit of Truth. Our College Prep Program is pursued by all of our students to prepare themselves for the rigors of college life. It not only provides a deep understanding of its subjects, but also calls on our students to be responsible for their choices and results. It inspires a desire for life-long learning and instills the skills and strategies to fulfill it.

Our Advanced Program gives any qualified student a chance to excel. It gives students up to the challenge an opportunity to tackle college level material and earn college credit while still in high school. We believe in challenging students to fulfill their full potential, and our qualified faculty can push them to new levels of learning.

At the same time, we understand academic success begins with knowing the strengths and challenges of our students. For those students facing unique challenges, our Learning for Success Program crafts and implements individual plans to guide students to academic excellence. It identifies the right accommodations for the classroom and imparts academic strategies to each student. A supportive classroom and a receptive student make a recipe for success.

We believe in a supportive academic environment for all our students. That support comes through a counselor working with students for four years, faculty members available to students for after school tutorials, and putting technology in reach for every student. It is grounded in the ministry of Christian faith and spiritual growth for each student, while respecting his or her personal beliefs.

Study as the pursuit of the Truth means St. Pius X High School looks beyond test scores as a measure of success. We look to graduate academically accomplished and faith grounded young men and women that lead responsible and productive lives beyond high school.