Mission Statement

Prayer, Study, Community, Preaching - this is a Dominican education at St. Pius X High School. Inspired by Veritas, young men and women embrace academic excellence and integrity, celebrate the community's diverse gifts and heritage, and embody social justice and service.

A Portrait of a St. Pius X Graduate

We foresee our students at graduation to be grounded in the Catholic faith and the Four Pillars of a Dominican education:

  • Prayer - Seeks Veritas through prayer and spirituality
  • Study - Demonstrate intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and a dedication to life long learning
  • Community - Assumes personal leadership, acts with integrity and compassion, respects and celebrates life and is a steward of the planet
  • Preaching - Embraces diversity and demonstrates a commitment to social justice, service, and advocacy

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Four Pillars of Dominican Schools


  • Fostering both communal and personal spirituality and prayer
  • Providing a strong spiritual foundation based on Catholic tradition and teachings
  • Respecting all people in a spirit of ecumenism and interfaith dialogue
  • Celebrating the joy, hope and sanctity of life


  • Motivating students to a love of learning through creative and critical thinking
  • Developing intellectual curiosity and competence in each student
  • Providing a welcome and safe learning environment of trust and fairness
  • Studying and addressing the significant social justice issues of our day


  • Providing an outreaching school community based on shared values of faith, integrity, compassion, and service
  • Promoting and embracing an awareness of and involvement in the cultural, economic, ethnic, religious and physical diversity in the school, local, national, and global communities
  • Building a strong and nurturing school community where all are valued and all live in a spirit of collaboration and cooperation
  • Promoting community involvement to support and enhance the mission of the school


  • Witnessing to Gospel values and living Veritas through word and deed
  • Answering the call to study and address issues of peace, justice, and care of the Earth
  • Assuming personal leadership and acting with integrity and compassion
  • Developing a lifelong commitment of service to God and others