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Delivering three Theater SPX shows a year

Theater SPX students deliver three distinct shows per year, more than any other private high school in Houston. That full year of performances gives our students the chance to practice their craft and makes our theatre an integral part of the St. Pius X community.

Theatre SPX delivers serious theatre, even when it is hilarious. We show our respect for our audience through the choice of shows and the quality of each performance. We bring a smile to your face with “You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" and “Little Shop of Horrors," then make you think with “The Elephant Man" or the works of Shakespeare.

Through it all we keep a focus on “Do it for the audience and do it for each other."

Want to learn about collaboration? Put on a performance

Theatre SPX instills in our students a new meaning for collaboration, where a thing done by anyone affects everyone. Students work on every facet of the production. They manage the moving parts and learn what it means to:

  • Be responsible to each other
  • Share their skills and talents
  • Overcome obstacles together
  • Share the glow of an audience's applause

The cast and crew of each Theatre SPX show develops a bond through their shared experiences. Each student finds his or her place amongst a diverse set of team members, maintains his or her relationships as roles change across shows, and brings that spirit of teamwork back into the school at large.

Life does not stop when the show must go on

Our Theatre SPX students must maintain their academic performance even when they are on stage. Balancing demands on your time, facing the unexpected as a team, and picking up a friend facing a setback, these lessons stick with our students throughout their years.

Most of all they learn the joy of a show well done.

For more information about theatre at St.Pius X, please contact Jeff Galligan at 713.579.7524 or

Fine Arts Calendar

    • SatFeb11 MA Regional at Waltrip HS (Color Guard) 8:00 AM
    • SatFeb18 MA Regional at Champion HS, Bourne, TX(Color Guard) 8:00 AM
    • TueMar21 TAPPS Music Solo & Ensemble 8:05 AMHBU
    • SatMar25 MA Nationals at Ft. Worth(Color Guard) 8:00 AM
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