Varsity Lacrosse - Boys

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St. Pius X added Lacrosse as a spring sport in 2015. The 2015 season marked the first founding of both boys and girls programs at the same time at any high school in Houston.

The boys program is headed Dr. Matthew Carr, who has coached Lacrosse in Houston since 1997. Coach Carr was the Defensive Coordinator for the Strake Jesuit program from its inception through its first 4 years, winning 2 Regional Texas High School Lacrosse League Championships and 2 THSLL State Championships. Coach Carr then took over the Stratford program guiding the Spartans to 2 Regional Championships. Coach Carr recently was the Head Coach of the 2014 Portuguese National Team in Denver, as well as founding a youth program (Houston Saints) for catholic middle school boys. St Pius X boys compete in the THSLL South Region in Division III.

Lacrosse has the longest and richest tradition of any sport known to man. Lacrosse is the Native American sport.The game was first recorded by Jesuit missionary in 1636, Jean de Brébeuf.Additional commentary was added by Jesuit Pierre de Charlevoix in 1721. The game has been played for centuries. The name “La crosse” comes from the French the “stick”. The French called the Indian game “La crosse” or stick game. The true name of the game is “baggataway”, which means “little brother of war”. The game was played for many reasons, and is central part of the story of creation for native peoples. Games were played as “medicine” (or a communal prayer) for a sick member of the tribe. Games were played as a “thanksgiving” for blessings a tribe may possess. In addition games were played to prepare young warriors for potential battle. Every game was played to please the great creator.Before every game an elder member of the tribe, usually a holy man of the tribe (also note: he was the one who usually would teach the art of stick making) would bless the sticks of the tribe. The blessing was a prayer to ask all of the ancestors to come from the great circle and join in. Modern day descendants still practice this tradition.

Lacrosse is a game that combines the facets of other sports including football, soccer, hockey, and basketball. Modern day Lacrosse is a game of speed, quickness, agility, and finesse, punctuated by collisions. The best Lacrosse players, at the highest levels, play fundamental Lacrosse at breakneck speed. The finest players play with urgency, and Lacrosse is a high scoring fast paced game. St. Pius X invites you to see the fastest game on two feet at Parsley Stadium, see our schedule for our next home game.

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