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Six seniors were commissioned to serve in the Office of Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion during the all-school mass celebrating the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary held Tuesday, Dec. 8.

Commissioned seniors included: 

Nancy G., Isabela G., Olivia M., Jennifer S., Madison S. & Lora T.

Fr. Italo Dell’Oro, C.R.S., commissioned these young women who then served for the first time during the communion rite.

Candidates for extraordinary minsters of Holy Communion must submit an application, be fully initiated Catholics, participate in a discernment retreat, complete liturgical formation and training, express a genuine reverence for the Body of Christ and a desire to serve the people of God. Finally candidate names are submitted to the office of the Archbishop, Cardinal DiNardo, to be granted particular permission to serve in this sacred office of the Church.

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